Chapter5:The long-term decline of the Karaoke market and its Potential

The role Karaoke business plays on the Japanese music market is big. Although it fell, with 451,1 billion Yen in 2011, it was still bigger than the CD market.

Even though karaoke services are widely penetrating the mainstream and the decline in recent years has just been small, the long-term fall doesn’t take a halt. (table-7)

Under such circumstances, new business models that make use of karaoke boxes are sought after.

Managed by XING, the branch’s number 2; JOYSOUND has more than 6 million subscribers to their Karaoke-SNS service “UtaSuki Douga” and is gaining great popularity. It enables “UtaSuki” members to upload their video part of a duet sung by themselves and use social media functions without knowing the duet partner.

Besides restaurants and so forth, there are 30,000 karaoke boxes existing nationwide at present. Most of these are equipped with Internet connections and Set Top Boxes (STB)[1] and are thus “places” that provide the user with a variety of experiences. Regarding a big group of karaoke users, namely people who like music but are not extreme fans, the emergence of a new business model that utilizes karaoke boxes and telecommunication systems is expected.



〜from “WHITE PAPER of DIGITAL CONTENTS in JAPAN” (supervised by METI)
 (translation:Benjamin Tag)

[1] Device that contains a tuner and connects a Television set with an external source of information.


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