my profile

CEO of BUG corporation
director at Federation of Music Producers Japan
member of editorial board at “White Paper of digital contents in Japan”(supervised by METI)
committee of Sync Music Japan.



I am a music producer and a consultant of contents business in Japan
I was born in Tokyo and graduated from International Christian University High School.
I dropped out from Waseda University and founded BUG corporation in 1989.
I was an agent for Shuuichi “ponta” Murakami, SION etc.
I started producing J-pop artists in 2002.

“Tokyo-Eth-Musica” has 2 vocalists. An Okinawan girl and a Korean-Japanese girl. The concept is ethnic pop music from Tokyo.
“Pistol Valve” is a rock band. It consists of 10 girls with horns.
They were very popular on TV shows.
“Sweet Vacation” is girly house unit. the vocalist is a Thai girl.
It was the most popular group on My Space Japan.
I chose people from auditions and cultivated the talents each member from scratch.

In 2005, I took up the director position of the Federation of Music
I’ve proposed the ideas of changing environment of music biz.
In 2011, I started a writing endeavor.

“A book to help you easily understand the social network revolution” (Diamond company)

“The 7 strategies to buy music in the social era”(Rittor Music)

“white book of digital contents” 〜a part of the music business〜 (Supervised by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

The mottoes of my producing are application of social media, activity on global activity and collaboration with other genres (especially business companies).
I love sumo, baseball and football.


About yamabug

Music Producer consultant of contents business C.E.O. of BUG corporation director of Federation Music Producers Japan. in details ☞ Twitter ☞
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